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Questions & Answers

A dinosaur?! But..., what?

Of course - with a topic like this there are some questions.

And here are the answers!

Ruby the Raptor Dinosaurierkostüm
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Fragen über Ruby
Is Ruby real?
How much does it cost to book Ruby?

(Unfortunately 😁) No, Ruby is just a very realistic dinosaur costume that I control from the inside.

Head and neck movements, blinking, snapping, noises, running and sitting - it all looks very impressive and real. However...

Oops - yes. Unfortunately, the anatomy of dinosaurs does not quite match that of us humans. Some may claim that this makes the costume look really fake, but "thanks" to the additional legs, even the most anxious can be guaranteed that it really isn't a real dinosaur.

... human legs?

Of course!

The only requirements for outdoor events: It shouldn't rain because Ruby is a bit afraid of water.

You can find inspiration for possible events on the actions page or in our blog.

Can Ruby be booked for any event?

As every event is different, I ask that you simply call or email me with the details of your event.

After a short exchange, I will be happy to send you a cost breakdown without obligation.

At children's birthday parties there is about half an hour of dinosaur action. At public events it is very different. For example: 4x a quarter of an hour, or 3x half an hour or a full hour. As best fits the schedule.

Depending on the temperature, I'm happy to take a few minutes' break after an hour.

How long does Ruby's performance last?

That cannot be answered so generally. Ruby has met babies who weren't scared and 12-year-olds who took a little longer to digest the initial shock. In my experience, children between the ages of 6-9 are the best, because at that age they understand that Ruby can't be real, but they want to believe that she is. 😎

How old should children be at least?
Where is Ruby from?

Ruby was made in China and shipped to me by ship and truck.

Can I see Ruby without having to book her?

Absolutely! In our calendar you will find dates when Ruby shows up in public.

It's best to enter your e-mail address right away so that you don't miss anything!

And, everything clear?

Or do you have a question that hasn't been answered here yet?

Just get in touch by phone or email using the form.

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