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Ready for an adventure à la prehistoric times?

Every event, every party and every action becomes a unique experience with a Raptor.

Ruby prefers to be a surprise guest at children's birthday parties, but of course she's also there at any other event or idea! In our blog you will find many impressions of great experiences so far.


An unforgettable highlight for

every birthday!

Ruby surprises the guests, they run, yell, cuddle and much more.

As a little souvenir, each child gets a dinosaur egg, personally handed out by Ruby!

Duration: about half an hour
(also longer and shorter possible)



If Ruby isn't something, it's dangerous - and camera shy.

Whether under the drone, behind the film flap or in front of a photo camera.

Ruby was already allowed to be part of a commercial and to stand as a model for several shootings for great shots.

You can find the commercial here and lots of great shooting pictures here .

Film shoots &

And what about it?

How about a dinosaur for your next party?
Or do you need something extra for another plan?


Ruby has already been able to present herself in public often.

Among other things, in the cinema, at a marathon, in the swimming pool, at the carnival parade, at cosplay events and in the wildlife park.

We look forward to always having new experiences and making people happy!

Public events


At the office, at school, at the museum, or even at a wedding? Or how about a cheeky prank? Ruby welcomes all ideas!


The only requirements are dry weather and enough space, inside or outside.

Or something else?

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