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I am Ruby.
A Raptor.

ruby the raptor hallo.png
ruby the raptor hallo2.png
"Schön, dass du hier bist!"

Children's birthday parties with Ruby

3 years

Meeting new dinosaur fans


Joy and fun for big & small


A Dinosaur?

Adventure a la prehistoric times.

For everything and everyone, small and large.

The first dinosaur to hire in Austria.

And for what...?

In short version?
Über Ruby
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Alias "World's Cutest Dino"

She wraps everyone around the claw and roars into everyone's heart. Little dinosaur fans have often awarded Ruby the title of "the cutest dinosaur in the world". And Ruby approves.

Ruby loves children and children love Ruby. And even adults just can't resist a dino wink.

Ruby ist sehr stolz darauf, Teil der Charity Heroes Austria zu sein!


Images say more
than scientists.

They claim dinosaurs don't exist anymore!

Browse through Ruby's favorite moments and create your personal Ruby collage.

If you want to see more of Ruby, there's also a gallery.

Just click on the pictures and move and adjust them as you like!

Ruby the Raptor Auge
Ruby the Raptor GIF
Ruby the Raptor Bodensee
Ruby the Raptor Kindergeburtstag
Ruby the Raptor Wildpark
Ruby the Raptor Kindermarathon
Ruby the Raptor Bodensee
Ruby the Raptor Kind
Ruby the Raptor Kino Cineplexx


If the calendar is empty or not, we will be happy to send you an email if we have something new on the agenda!

Meet a

Here you can find all the dates where Ruby can be seen in public.

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Curious? In Ruby's blog we are constantly collecting the best experiences.

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Triff einen Dinosaurier


We don't bite!

Pinky promise!

Whether you have any questions or whether Ruby might be the special guest at your next event - we look forward to hearing from you!

Who are we having fun with?

What is there?

🙌 Woohoo! Thank you for your message. 🙌

I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Ruby buchen
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